tallinn / Maria Tsitroudi

2nd of March: tour in and around Tallinn

We were very lucky and happy that Priit offered us a tour in the old city of Tallinn. The idea was to check the most important cultural spots of Tallinn during the Russian occupation and after the collapse of it.


First station was the writer’s union where Café Pegasus was based. Back at that time between 60s and 90s,


“Café Pegasus was an official art exhibition space for which the artist union was responsible. The legendary pop art exhibition Soup 69 took place there on December 69, proclaiming the arrival of pop art in Estonia” [1]


The room with the black ceiling, in the writer’s union building is the spot where Henri Hütt will give his short performance on 6th of March.

Next stop was in front of the Club Kuku; during the soviet time only artists from the artist’s union could go there. This is the place where Evi Pärn will perform.


Going on car ride tour around Tallinn was exciting. Priit never stopped telling us stories, taking us back to his childhood. He also drove us at his neighborhood where he grew up until he went to university. We went along the sea for quite long.

















Beautiful houses in front of the cost. This location together with the peninsula across the island Aegna MKA are the most rich and expensive areas around Tallinn. We passed by the Tallinn’s cemetery. Is just a piece of land in the woods; no fences; full of candles that were lightening the evening. Just after that a location the Estonian middle class houses appeared. Priit explained us that all these houses were bought with bank loans.


And then he warned us that what would follow would shock us. And that was true.The biggest Russian speaking district called Lasnamae is an area full of high panel block of flats built in the 1970s till 1990s to host working class and is the most populous area in Tallinn; 28 per cent of Tallinn population lives there.














The tour ended having dinner at Kamikadze, an original Georgian restaurant. The spicy soup was exactly what I needed and everyone looked in good mood.






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