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3rd and 4th of March – meeting Raoul Kurvitz and Henri Hütt.

You get so much inspired when you visit people in their own working space!


I feel quite grateful for being invited to all these artist’s studios.


Raoul Kurvitz just moved in his new place. It is located in Kristiine, an industrial area, quite underground, where other artists live and work.


Kristiine backyard, Tallinn - Raoul Kurvitz' place












Since the first time I met Kurvitz I had the feeling that he is more an underground rock star!

Although he was successful as an architect, finally architecture was only the entrance into arts. He was very active in performance at the 80s and 90s and he mostly created big scale installations. He lived and still does on the edge.


Lukas introduced the idea of the presentation and gave him the material, a performance by Johannes Veski and the rules he would work with. The location he is performing is the bar Lucky Luke at Linnahall – together with Johannes Veski.



Next day we visited Henri Hütt.


Henri Hütt



















Henri rents a room, which he shares with another artist in a renovated building in old town. Nice place! The task for Henri is to work on Ene-Liis Sempers video “the door”, a work realized in 2002. He is performing in a room with a black ceiling in the writer’s union building.


Somehow I can relate Henri and Raoul although they have quite a big age difference: I guess it is a very strong statement to say that somebody is willing to die for art! What Henri meant to say is that there nothing exists that motivates him in such a high intensity as art does. It seems that he could never be a conventional person and his commitment to his work is essential – he cannot imagine any other way to keep on going. And this is what Roaul embodies, too.


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