tallinn / Maria Tsitroudi

5th of March – rehearsing for the show!

A big part of the work was done at the basement room of Kanuti Gildi Saal. That was our working space for these two weeks. After the interviews and the collection of the visual and audio material, Daniel and Klaus spend many hours editing for the final presentation.


The idea was to have mobile video projection and mobile sound, while walking from Kanuti Gildi Saal through the old town in Tallinn.


















Many radios were collected. Audience would carry them. Through the frequency 107, the sound would be broadcasted.

















Klaus collected quite many local vinyl records. These music fragments were mixed with interviewed material and other recordings of local city sounds.

















Whereas Daniel worked on a similar direction, creating almost a 1 and a half hour video collage, constituted by interviewed material, artists work and three dimensional architectural designs from Linnahall concert hall and Kumu museum.


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