amsterdam / Joana Tischkau

So there we are, in the midst of the process. Since their arrival at Het Veem Theater on Thursday morning, Komuna//Warszawa seem to have been immersed in their creative process. Occupied with puzzling the pieces together that will eventually make their performative response to Het Veem Theater’s question, the group of 7 artists, technicians and musicians work relentlessly on devising texts, sound, video snippets, translations and ways to arrange vegetables and fruits on the stage.


Even though I got told that not all of its original members are present, the group totally represents what their name stands for; a well organized and operating community. For me as an outsider, witnessing and observing the process, it is sometimes hard to find connections and stay on top of things not only because most of their conversations are happening in polish. Despite these obvious difficulties in communication it is a pleasure to see how things are coming together and fragments that can be traced back to our research phase in February become visible.






Sometimes I am able to sense when tension or disagreements amongst the members arise or when the creative process seems to come to a halt.  But, today the mood seems to be light and maybe also due to the tight time frame, straightforward decisions are made more easily than yesterday.


Furthermore our audience, imported from Poland, has arrived after a 14 hour bus journey. Even though I expected them to be knackered they seemed surprisingly awake and excited to be here. After a short introduction, snacks, coffee and filling out the infamous audience questionnaire from last time,  the group are free to explore Amsterdam for themselves until the theatre opens at 8.30 pm.



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