tallinn / Maria Tsitroudi

6th of March – presentation!!!

The audience started to gather at the foyer of Kanuti Gildi Saal, just after Mart Kangro’s show Waiting for tomorrow. Lukas, Kathrin and Priit made an introduction about the outside the box project, our two weeks research process and about the event of that night. The audience was asked to carry a radio and the walk began


















Fragment of the video projection


















First performance by Evi Pärn at Kuku Club


















Two of the rules Henri Hütt had to work on, based on Ene-Liis Semper video “The door”, 2002.

































Henri Hütt performing at the writer union building























The train that took us to Linnahall, located at the harbour

















There, at Lucky Luke bar, Johannes Veski and Raoul Kurvitz did the last 2 performances of the night

We stayed at Lucky Luke for drinks and Pizza! In the next few hours I was flying back to Frankfurt. Once more I felt the paradox of time; expanded and shrunken.

Thank you Kanuti Gildi Saal, thank you Mannheim! It was an exceptional experience to be in Tallinn in the frame of the Outside the Box project and to work with Kathrin, Lukas, Klaus, Johannes and Sophie. Looking forward to meet all of you again and all of the people from Amsterdam, Groningen, Duesseldorf and Warsaw in Mannheim, on June! Take care!


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