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First day of work at Groningen

Chapter 0 : November 2013.


For the first encounter with the Grand Theatre Groningen, the Kanuti Gildi SAAL was represented by Priit Raud, Mairika Plakso (both working in the direction/administration of the theater) and Leenu Nigu (critique writer, close to the Kanuti Gildi SAAL team). They met the team of the Grand Theatre Groningen: Paul Smelt, director, Rudi Kamminga, programmer, and Esther Drijver, head of marketing/publicity. I was there in representation of the University of Giessen’s MA in Choreography and Performance.


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The results of the research phases from 20–22 nov/2013 and 17–26 mar/2014 will be posted here. Please visit us again! You can find the research question from Groningen here.