warsaw / Romain Thibaud-Rose



[ 24_03_2014 ]


12.00 am / Central train station Warsaw.


2.00 pm / Bus trip through the city. Hotel Stop in Praha district.




2.30 pm / Time to unpack and to take a creative nap.

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warsaw / Romain Thibaud-Rose

a warm-up for Warsaw

Wednesday 26th of February, 5.13 PM, the telephone rang. Georg Winter is at the other side. I never heard his voice before. He shortly introduced himself as one of the artist chosen by zeitaumexit to visit komuna//warsaw theater in Warsaw. He will be accompanied by another visual and performance artist, Mirjam Bayerdörfer.


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warsaw / antje.riethmueller


The results of the research phase from 24 mar – 06 apr/2014 will be posted here. Please visit us again! You can find the research question from Warsaw here.