warsaw / Romain Thibaud-Rose






“The thinking body” / Mabel E. Todd


After six consecutive visits at the bath we established a certain ritual and committed to what became a daily routine. We took the same bus at the same time, stopped at the same station and repeated the same procedure, welcoming participants, undressing and bathing. In a certain sense we left our traces there.


The last days it was not even necessary to mention anything at the entrance to the woman responsible of the cloakroom. She knew and would save our jackets and shoes behind the desk for what she called the “group”.




We slowly got our entry “in” and established a new hot spot in the whirlpool of Wodnik. Daily exchanges, cooked and mixtured within this bulbing water, addressed notion of pleasure within a theatre related field. However the project slowly touches an end and the group is bit by bit dissolving.


Would this initiative still survive? Or is that meant to disappear? Could this be part of Komuna// Warszawa’s activities? Would they take it over and use it as a method to investigate new ways of production? New entry in their material? Could this be related to what the role of a dramaturge is? This is some questions that came to us while closing the project and preparing ourself for the “Market”, a restitution on this research phase, planned in June at zeitraumexit’s venue in Mannheim.



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