groningen / Catalina Insignares

Exploring the city

Chapter 3: 20th of March


The team has been walking around Groningen. With 2 questions in mind: a. lets know more about this big Forum building that’s being built; and, b. where are the young alternative people in Groningen?


This questions came up by two observations: the Forum architectural project seems to be very present in the Grand Theatre’s minds; the young audience seems to be almost absent from the Grand Theatre’s seats.

So we went to see a small exhibition in the center square, where the town hall presents what the Forum will be.



forum 1


forum 2


“A new covered plaza for the city”



forum 3


“a spectacular building”


forum 4



Height: 45 meters

Surface area: 17,000 m2

Volume : 80,000 m3

For the moment the Forum is an enormous empty space in the middle of Groningen’s center.


the hole


the hole 2


Then we went to the Academy of Fine Arts “Minerva”, and we interviewed some students in the canteen: where do the young artist meet?


We left with a list of self-runned galleries, bars, ateliers and artist’s living communities.


The plan today:  go and see those trendy, young places and talk to this population.

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