warsaw / Romain Thibaud-Rose

First course [public bath WODNIK + International Pleasure Day]

[Research / Outside the Box, Inside the hot tub]







[The international Pleasure Day / 27.03.2014]


This evening started at 7pm and was constituted of a performance in two parts running simultaneously.


The first part which took place in the space of Komuna// Warszawa started first with a brief restitution of the visit of Komuna// Warszawa at Het Veem Theatre in Amsterdam. Then Monika Mara, our translator for this project, introduced the aim of our research in public bath and described the preformative system we put in place this night to connect Komuna// Warszawa’s performance space and the warsaw’s public bath WODNIK. This is resumed as followed: for each seat occupied that evening by an audience member in Komuna// Warszawa performance’s space, a free entrance to the swimming pool of WODNIK would be offered to a citizen of Warsaw.





preparation of the visuals












Presentation at Komuna / Warszawa’s venue




Meanwhile at WODNIK’s public bath …






“Welcome to the international pleasure day. Today your ticket to the pool will be paid by someone attempting a theatre performance.”


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