warsaw / Romain Thibaud-Rose



[ 24_03_2014 ]


12.00 am / Central train station Warsaw.


2.00 pm / Bus trip through the city. Hotel Stop in Praha district.




2.30 pm / Time to unpack and to take a creative nap.


7.15 pm / Meeting in the lobby with Georg Winter, Mirjam Bayerdörfer and Rosalie Schweiker, the chosen artists by zeitraumexit // Mannheim to investigate Komuna // Warszawa inquiry on pleasure and artistic labour.




7.30 pm / Meeting with Iza Zerek, new member in Komuna team and Monicka Mara which would be our translator during this research. Iza took us in her car to visit Komuna//Warzawa’s rehearsal and performance space.






8.30 pm / Diner and meeting in Praha district. Setting up the program of what would be the National Day of Pleasure, on Thursday 27th of March as well as the “rehearsal” process taking place in Warsaw’s public bath.

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