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How to give form to not knowing?

This Tuesday Nienke Scholts arrived – she is editor at Het Veem and has been supporting the project during the last days now. This is a guest entry of her.



So hello. I came here to join in on Tuesday, and started following up the process of ‘mapping’ the last weeks gathered material, that Sarah, Andrew, Janna and Robin had already started. This process is proceeding on stage, where A&S share how to deal/not deal with – and position themselves in relation to – expectations, projections and desires that came out of OTB’s box. Here part 1 of my entry, which is a description of what was there to be seen in yesterdays run.


Robin painting the set prior in this week.



On stage Sarah and Andrew are mapping out live what they found and experienced during their research. With the Rhine as their landmark they discover Düsseldorf, pointing out all the important locations: the old city, the dodgy site behind the station (were they are staying), the FFT, the carnival parade, the historical locations, etc. Throughout the performance we see videos of them walking through the city in their bright green outfits as part of the carnival crowd till they remain alone with the last lost cowboys in an empty disco. 


Andrew explaining the landmark Rhine

S & A mapping out Düsseldorf


And, as the city turns back to ‘normal’ they walk on into everyday surroundings, and a gallery with objects as alien as they look themselves. Finally they come to rest at the riverside. The video clearly shows their outsider perspective. The city and it’s citizens are as foreign to them as they must look to the locals.They navigate in and out the material that came up in between crossroads and rivers and their encounters with politicians and (prominent) people from the cultural scene. Strongly present in this phase of the project, is the way of working. Different approaches are brought on stage, rough statistics and potential theatrical forms, that function as attempts to get grip on the staple of information that is building up around them, and to deal with the outsider position they are in. 



Sarah transcribing interviews via dictation.




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