mannheim / Emmilou

Last Preparations

Yesterday we were busy at the Stadthaus adding some final touches to the performances.



We were also joined by Paul Smelt, who is the Art Director of the Grand Theatre Groningen. Paul was able to give us some feedback and suggestions and we now feel all set for today’s first performance at 5pm.


All props are bought. The chairs are collected. The audio files are transferred to the mp3 players. (Thank you Robin for that short-noticed-saturday-afternoon-troubleshooting!!!) And the drinks for the bar are cooled. So Paradeplatz, although you don’t look it, be prepared to be transformed into a wonderful piece of theatre.



Here is a good look on the christmas market on Paradeplatz at daylight… looking rather greyish we have to admit.




And that’s Johanna, Hanna and Emmilou intently listening to Hanna’s audio piece:


foto 2


PS: Let’s hope it’s not gonna rain tonight…. or snow.


PPS: Happy Third Advent to everyone!

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