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More exploring and meeting

Chapter 4 : March 21- 22


Two days of intense exploring have past.


The team is a team built only for this occasion, so all the energies are gathered for understanding the cultural environment in which the Grand Theatre Groningen is immersed. The question of the Grand Theatre Groningen regards its relationship to the city, so we want to see more of it.


The team is trying to get as much of diverse opinions as possible, from different type of actors of this Groningen cultural scene.





1. The alternative scene in Groningen


We went to see the RKZ, and old hospital that hosts today 250 inhabitants: students, artists, and workers… they all get a cheaper rent than normal standards in Groningen. A cinema, a theatre, a café, a bar… We came back for the PSY-Trans party, to see this marginal, alternative yet massive venue.


2. The University’s Theatre department


We did a skype conference with Danae Theodoridou, profesor of the Groningen’s university and then we talked with Jaimy Stregels a third year Bachelor student.


3. Grand Theatre’s Talent Development program


Edan Gorlicki and Hanna van Mourik Broekman are part of the “Young Makers” Program in the Theatre. The theatre is giving them the chance to “develop” their art in the theatre. This type of exchange can happen in different ways, for example Edan gets the chance to work in the theatre and do and internal presentation, Hanna works in the theatre space and she is also part of the program of the theatre.

Hanna is also the Grand Theatre’s representative for Outside the Box in Manheim, so we could exchange our ways of approaching the project.


4. Performances


We also went to see two performances these days. The first one is part of the Grand Theatre Groningen program, a theatre performance made by the Netherlands Theater Company Dakar; the second one was located in the City Theatre, it was a performance by the Groningen based dance company Club Guy & Roni.


These two performances served the team as a common ground for discussion, since the team has never worked together before, this esthetic common experience help us to get to know each other. Also, we got to see a tiny bit of the type of programming that the Grand Theatre offers, and also the City Theatre. The fact that Club Guy & Roni is extremely popular in the Netherlands, allowed us to see also what type of contemporary dance shows people in Groningen like.


Alpha Boys



5. Meeting the Groningen’s Forum Programer


The last meeting was with Herman Meijer, he explained to us what type of program the Forum Building will host if 2017 : exhibitions about social our general concern topics, citizen debates, movies. The Forum will not host any performance art or any kind of art, he considers there is enough offer for this in the City. The Forume should become “the city’s living-room”.



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