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Overview on contemporary performing art scene in Tallinn

I am very excited to discover the contemporary art scene of Tallinn.



I remember Ene-Liis Semper saying, who together with Tiit Ojasoo founded No99 theatre on 2004, that in the beginning of the 90s there was not such a thing like contemporary performing art scene. They had to create it from zero and this happened very fast.


Von Krahl was the first independent theatre created on 1991. Priit Raud, the founder and artistic director of Kanuti Gildi Saal, was a member of that team. At the moment Kanuti Gildi Saal is the most important venue in Tallinn hosting any kind of contemporary performing art from all over Europe. Priit Raud is also facilitating the international performing art festival August Dance Festival, which takes place once a year since 1999 in Kanuti Gildi Saal and Baltoscandal which takes place every second year since 1990 in Rakvere, 100 km to the east from Tallinn. Baltoscandal is part of the network NXTSTP  which consists of eight european festivals.


I was emotionally touched hearing Priit saying that Kanuti Gildi Saal has his own children – referring on artists that at the moment are internationally active like Kaya Kann, Mart Kangro or Henry Hutt.


Be Real My Dear, last work by Kaya Kann, I saw at Kanuti Gildi Saal was a strong experience! Tonight Mart Kangro has a run through and on Thursday is the premiere of his show: Waiting for Tomorrow. I will not miss that!

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