groningen / Catalina Insignares

The end of the time in Groningen

Chapter 6 : 25-26th of March


The last two days were used for the preparations and the realization of our final action. We invited all the staff of the Grand Theatre Groningen (around 25 people), and we presented them a quite dazzling scenography.


scéno 2





We asked them to sit down and we served them a Groninger-Forum-shaped cake.


cake 1


cake 2


cake 3



Next to them we placed a small reminder of the origins of the Grand Theatre Groningen: it started as a squat. No money, no staff – only a chair, a mattress and a table: the 3 things necessary to occupy a building in the 80’s in the Netherlands.



chair table mattress




Around 10 people showed up and some of them ate the cake, others found it too heavy, others found they were served too much.


With this action we wanted to offer an opinion to one of the questions the Grand Theatre Groningen had asked: how to deal with the construction of the Forum so close to them? For us this question is just one of the questions that came up during the entire process and we though it important to simply give them some time to sit all together around a table and make the Forum a smaller, more digestible matter that could lead to other conversations.




The cake preparations:









The end of the cake:


eaten 1


eaten 2



The material for the scenography (apparently there were too many of these):


inside the box



The end of the scenography:


no sceno 1


no sceno 2


no sceno 3


no sceno 4



For the final presentation we will see you at the Market in Manheim!







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