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the NEW plan.

This is the proposal that has been sent to me by Iza a few days ago about their new plan for the upcoming days at the Het Veem Theatre and Komuna//Warzawas performance on Saturday.


Komuna// Warszawa >> Komuna// Amsterdam


“Polish Artists Do It Cheaper”



At the invitation from Het Veem Theatre of Amsterdam, Komuna//Warszawa will make a performance entitled “Polish Artists Do It Cheaper”.


It is the Polish ensemble’s response to the anti-immigrant rhetoric of Dutch populists and rising nativist sentiment on the one hand and to cuts in financing for culture in the Netherlands and across Europe on the other.


Komuna//Warzawa will demonstrate the impact of budget cuts on performing arts and explore available strategies of survival in the tough conditions dictated by the logic of the global market. In the manner of Polish gastarbeiters, working in the Netherlands as plumbers, builders or cleaners, Komuna//Warszawa members will offer Het Veem Theatre outsourcing of their theatrical services. Their labour will be priced at rates competitive on the Dutch performing-arts market, much lower than for Dutch-based artists. Their performance will be a remix – a cheaper, slimmed-down version of one of Dutch theatre’s most significant performances of recent years, “Roman Tragedies” by Ivo van Hove of Toneelgroep Amsterdam. Instead of the original six hours, the show will take less than an hour.


In order to answer the question how to attract the audience Komuna//Warszawa is going to import public from Warsaw. It will give an opportunity to discuss the issue of an audience attendence in a very inspiring environment.


In this way, the project’s theme of “Outside the Box” will be interpreted in the context of challenges that Europe faces today in the form of immigration and globalization.

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