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The project advances the blog gets dry?

Chapter 5 : March 23 – 24


A lot of brainstorming in the studio, in the café, in the kitchen, in the bar.


Since the team had not work together before, I have been completely included as a part of the team. The research has been as engaging for me than it has been for the Estonians. I am presented everywhere as one of the Estonians, I’m even learning some Estonian words!












So I am also now in the middle of the creative process and putting ideas down in the blog seem somehow forceful, as if by writing them down they might  get lost or evaporated in this cyber-space.


One final gathering is being organized for Wednesday, we would like to have all the Theatre’s Staff there before they start their working day. So, meeting and 8,30 am (!). What we will do there is not a secret, but if I say more, I might ruin the surprise.


The team is at the same time preparing this final meeting/presentation and also projecting into what this “Market” in Mannheim in June might look like.


Here’s the general ideas flying through the brainstorming:


– can a production house have an identity? if yes, how would it be defined?

– can artists be developed?

– when a theatre has more than 20 people in their staff, how do they communicate between each other? how do they communicate to the outside world?

– how to balance the administration/production power and the artistic power in the decision-making of an institution?

– can budget cuts be an opportunity for renewal?

– can the Outside the box production help me get a loan for a house?

– how good is the fish-market?



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