düsseldorf / Janna Pinsker

Tuesday afternoon at FFT

Right now it is Tuesday afternoon and the project has moved from the streets of Düsseldorf and the production office at FFT Juta to the actual stage.


Glancing into the space there are a couple of house plants waiting in a temporal stage design while Sarah and Andrew are busy putting their ideas and thoughts together with the material they have extensively gathered during the last two weeks. There is a live-camera and video projection on three light-grey walls, a ukulele, a huge green curtain behind the seats of the audience and an electronic dictation program in use. There are cardboard pieces, transcripts, small posters and microphones. And of course the two green costumes. Right now the two artists are mapping out ideas and finding connections. Robin, Nienke and me, who have all come here to support the project in one way or the other, will be meeting with them in an hour to try out some ideas with them.



... fancy an artichoke?

Another green costume we found on the internet… fancy an artichoke?


Quick flashback: To give you a bit of an idea of the first research week during carnival – this is 45 sec video, which was quickly put together out of the hours of materials that were filmed. No sound – just film.

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