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Yes we did it again on Monday night, the second round of the CHAIRMEN. We did it. Just different.


After the permiere on Sunday we spent the Monday morning talking about our experiences of the performances and brainstorming about ideas how to cahnge and improve the work, because after all we should keep in mind that this is “Outside the Box.”  Twentyfour hours seems like alot of time but it turns out to be very little, when changing so much around as we did.



We decided that we wanted to find away to link the performances and to give the audience a more concise and concentrated experience of the pieces. Therefore we recorded some text pieces of Jibbe and used them to create an audio guided tour through the Stadthaus. This meant that we could avoid much of the practical introduction and gave the audience a stronger focus when walking inbetween the pieces to the different parts of the Stadthaus. Further to this we also decided to have Hanna’s piece inside the Stadhaus on the bottom floor in front of the supermarket, which gave it a different atmosphere and also made the audience reaction more visible, as it was brighter and the audience were facing each other more so than on the christmas market.


Overall we feel that the above were all improvements, although we also realised that linking three very different works is not always necessary and will possibly give different meanings to the pieces. In the end, the most important thing is, that altough things did not always work out perfectly, we all feel inspired and have many ideas coming from our seventeen days working together in Mannheim.


And even though we are all home now, this does not mean an end to our project. I believe that it will take some time refelecting and thinking about this very exciting time. We will continue to use this platform to upload our findings and feelings about the project and we are looking forward for Warszawa, Tallin, Groningen, Amsterdam and Düsseldorf to share their experiences.


At this stage we would also like to say a big THANK YOU to zeitraumexit and the wonderful people, who have made this possible. Who wrote relentlessly emails to the authorities of the Stadthaus, who picked us up from the train and showed us around, who gave us bikes, biscuits and plenty of tea and coffee, who were always eager to think of new solutions, who came in on a saturday to help us with the technology, who gave us their ticket for the parks of Mannheim, who spent their evenings walking back and forth on Lange Rötterstraße looking for chairs, who organised a LED letter sign in less than three days and who did many, many more things for us in the time being. And most of all we would like to thank them for making this unique project that is “Outside the Box” possible!


See you all in June at the OTB Market. Take care and enjoy the holidays!

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