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So after a lot of work and some last minute panicking we can happily say that we have presented the world with our little baby of work. The “chairmen” have landed in Mannheim and took over the Stadthaus and the christmas market. I think we can all be very proud and feel accomplished. However, of course, some things went a bit different to what they were planned.


Unfortunately, Ruth LED sign did not work as it was meant to, which might have been because of the cold weather or maybe was a mistake in programming. In any case, the words could still be read and we also read out the text from the Rilke poem to the audience to further help them understand.
Another problem was caused by the weekly fireworks that happen every Sunday at the christmas market. Our performance was much to our surprise, placed within the security area of the fireworks. The security men were actually going to close the area of the christmas market in the midst of the performance but we luckily managed to just defer it for a couple of minutes.


So tomorrow we will get another shot at it. Whether we will just improve the above issues or maybe even come up with something completely new will remain a secret for now. So come tomorrow at 8pm to the Paradeplatz for another round of “chairmen.”


Here are some impresssions of today:








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